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Thursday, August 10, 2017

How add CTRL+Q (Force Rebuild) as a toolbar button?

If you  need button  for force rebuild, then you can download a force rebuild macro and assign a button to that macro.

  • Right Click a clear space on the menu area
  • A menu will pop up, at the bottom there will be a customize option, click it

Customize option
Customize option

  • Go to commands tab
  • Select macro

New Macro Button
New Macro Button

  • Drag the new macro button icon to where you would like it
  • You'll be prompted to point the button to the location of your macro and change the icon if you wish
Customize Macro Button
Customize Macro Button

Forced Rebuild.swp it is classic macro

"I have updated this classic macro, so that the message box appears in front of the solidworks session for 64 bit installations."
The rebuild time is displayed in a message box that appears in front of the solidworks session.
Super Rebuild
Super Rebuild

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