The spring is one of the standard products, which is often used, but it is desirable to automate the simulation. Fortunately, there are enthusiasts who undertake this work. Macro for creating springs of tension and compression "SpringSW" - author of Shvg. To use the macro, you must add it to add-ins. To do this, open "SpringSW.dll", then "Spring" will appear in the "Tools" menu. Use the look at the video. For the coupling of the spring into the part, there is an axis "Axis1". The build tree is hidden, but it's even better. The spring has several configurations in different states: compressed, working, etc. The macro allows you to build compression springs and also to edit the data. Easy and convenient to use.

Administrator rights are required to install and use the macro. You can change the shortcut to start

Download macro с SpringSW

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