Solidworks has an excellent feature for isolating parts and assemblies designed to simplify the modeling and design of drawings. Many do not know or do not use this functionality. On the video you can see the use of isolation in Solidoworks.

Solidworks Help

The Isolate command sets all components except the selected ones to be hidden, transparent, or wireframe, enabling you to focus on the selected components.

You can isolate parts or subassemblies, making it easier to edit them in the context of the assembly. You can also isolate components that share a mate.

You can use the Isolate popup toolbar to change the visibility of the hidden components to Wireframe, Transparent, or Hidden. The transparency usually used when editing a component in the context of an assembly is not used when Isolate is active.

Before you exit Isolate, you can save the display characteristics to a new display state, which you can access from the ConfigurationManager. If you do not save, the display returns to its original state without any permanent changes.
When you select Hidden, you can match the FeatureManager design tree to the graphics area by selecting Filter Hidden/Suppressed Components in Filter .

To isolate components that share a mate, right-click the mate in the FeatureManager design tree and click Isolate.

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