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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Using a Multiple Unit System in SOLIDWORKS

Regardless of which measurement system we draw, Solidworks allows calculations in both the metric and Imperial systems. To do this, simply add a unit of measure after the value. For example, in the metric systems by entering 100ft, we get a size of 30480 mm. Similarly with the Imperial and US customary measurement systems, by entering 30480 mm, we get the equivalent in feet or inches . Also in metric systems, you can just write 25 cm and this will translate into 250 mm.

Available values

  • m - metre (1000 mm)
  • cm - centimetre (100 mm)
  • um - micrometre (0,001 mm)
  • nm - nanometre (0,000001 mm)
  • A - angstrom (0,0000001 mm)
  • ft - foot (304,8 mm)
  • in - inch (25,4 mm)
  • mil - mil (0,0254 mm)

Here is a quick video demonstrating this functionality:

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