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Monday, March 12, 2018


SolidWorks help
You can view models through one, two, or four viewports.
To open four viewports:

  • Click Four View   (Standard Views toolbar) or Window > Viewport > Four View.
SolidWorks Viewports -Other Display Style

You can choose the following viewport arrangements from the Window menu or the Standard Views toolbar:

Views Displayed
Single View
Two View - Horizontal
Front and Top
Two View - Vertical
Front and Right
Four View
Front, Right, Top, and Trimetric (Third Angle), or Front, Left, Top, and Trimetric (First Angle). Specify First Angle or Third Angle in Tools > Options > System Options > Display .

The lower left corner of each viewport displays the current orientation.
To choose a different orientation, click the View Orientation   (Heads-up View toolbar).
When you switch from multiple viewports back to a single viewport, the model displays the orientation of the active viewport. If you then switch back to multiple viewports, the orientations are the defaults again.
You can change the orientation or rotation of a model in any viewport independently as long as the viewports are not linked.

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